Timmy Swann: Chief Puppy (and Mischief) Officer

Many of you have seen photos of our new addition, Timmy! One year ago, he joined the National family and has been offering endless love and licks since.
You’ve noticed his curly fur and likely seen a glimpse of his sweet disposition. But today, we’re spilling all the bones – good and bad – about our beloved Chief Puppy Officer!

Blue & Gray: Cool colors for cooler weather

As the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, I am inspired by a cooler color palette of blue and gray. It’s a tried-and-true color combination that is perfect for layering now that the fall is here. Whether you wear silver with navy blue or heather gray...

Lessons from Georgie

Today is my grandfather’s birthday. While our birthdays are a day apart, we always celebrated together. My mother has always joked that she tried very hard to have me on his birthday, but I was bound and determined – just like him – to have...