A little delayed but just as welcome, it finally feels like the Christmas season here in the Carolinas. In Charleston, it’s 37 degrees with a wind chill of 27! Lexington is even colder, starting at 28 degrees (not including a wind chill!) For this now-too-used-to-warm-weather gal, it’s time to bundle up! Today’s outfit has me warm head to toe in a toque (Canadian-speak for a toboggan), a printed sweater, and fuzzy boots. (Example photo above for standard “cold weather” look – even when I’m eating out!)

How do you prepare for cooler temperatures? Personally, I make sure to stock up on sweaters of different weights and hands, thereby ensuring I have weather appropriate options in a (very) fluctuating climate. Today, I’m sharing a few options from From Colorado to Texas, Maine to Minnesota…we’ve got you covered! Click on the images below for product details.

Stay warm my friends,



boucle ruana

touch of heaven vest



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