Elevate. Expand. Experiment. Evolve. Welcome back ladies. Boy, have I got motivation coming your way! In a world full of trending stylists and neat, online styling programs, your personal wardrobe possibilities are infinite. Have you considered how to amp up your summer collection? I know just how to help. Let’s revisit your summer wardrobe. I say, set a date, turn on the tunes, grab your beverage of choice (I’m thinking Rosé) 😊, and have some fun.

Let’s begin by studying your closet. Get in there and find the balance. What is your ratio of tops to bottoms. Demin to knits? Work apparel to loungewear?

I love to choose one item in my wardrobe and tell a story. Starting with bottoms is always exciting. What pieces do you like to start with when putting together a summer look? Well, focus on that and…build, build, build.

Summer style possibilities with National will keep you creative juices flowing, i promise. Be confident and mix and match summer fabric choices. Why not mix your prints? Shake things up a bit, I say! Add a little seasoned with the new-you won’t believe the styles you will create.

And voile! Suddenly, you’ve turned into your own personal stylist. Build a better summer wardrobe this month ladies. National has all your styles for summer. I started with some fabulous bottoms and built great summer outfits below. Which one is your favorite? I think I’ll have to buy all three! 😊



Happy styling,





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