True, I’m known for wearing black just about every day regardless of the season. I’ve worked hard to brighten up my wardrobe and incorporate pops of color amidst the muted tones of winter wardrobe. The simplest way to diversify your wardrobe: accessories!

Whether you choose a bold scarf, a statement necklace, or a winter hat – find complimentary colors to your winter wardrobe, and turn one outfit into many! Not sure how to decide? Follow these easy steps to create the ideal colorful combination.

What’s the style? Check out the total outfit. If you’re wearing a button down blouse, consider layering it with a statement necklace. A scoop neck or v-neck shirt is the perfect base for an infinity scarf!

Where are you headed? Consider the occasion. If you’re out with friends and walking through town, a scarf or hat might make the jaunt a bit more enjoyable during these chilly evenings in the Carolinas.

Is there room for more? I’ll be honest. I can sometimes go over-the-top with accessories. If I have three bracelets on one arm, I might spring for seven on the other. Consider adding a long pendant necklace beneath an infinity scarf. Just might be room for more bling than you think!

If you’re adding some sparkle and color to your wardrobe this season, peruse some of my picks by clicking on the images below or search through! And of course, share your accessorizing secrets with me in the comment section below.



beret lac

marble red

scarf shimmer

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