My grandmother only left the house when three things were packed up in her beaded handbag: lipstick, mascara, and – as she would say – roooouge. To her, no matter what was happening internally, a little bit of color could make it all better. You know, as much as I’m not a proponent of “image first” living…I have to say – a little color goes a long way.

When I’m feeling run down from a long week or the start of a cold, a smidge of makeup and a fresh change of clothes give me a burst of energy and just enough umph to finish the day strong. This season, I am trying out new shades with hints of coral and shimmers with a burst of gold. Ready to try on color? Click on some of my favorite shades below, and follow these tips to find the right tone for your skin!

Identify your skin tone. You might be attracted to a particular color, but it’s important to identify if its the shade for you! Whether you are fair or dark, medium or olive, there is a blush color to highlight and complement your natural skin tone. If you’re unable to visit a local store for in person matching, read customer reviews online for an overview of feedback.

Select your type of blush. Did you know it’s not just powder anymore? That’s right! Blush comes in all forms. Today’s blush types include pressed powder, loose powder, or even a cream (for a long lasting look!)

Invest in the brush. Many blush kits include a brush, which is always a bonus! Find a brush option to best apply the type of blush you purchase. For example, if you go with a loose powder, find a light and feathery blush applicator. If you choose a stiff brush with compact bristles, the loose powder will clump in between. (And so you know, cream blush is best applied with your fingertips!)

What are your favorite shades for the Spring? Share them with me in the comment section below!


Pressed Powder: Mac | Peachy Keen

mac peachy keen


Cream Blush: Vincent Longo | Swan Lake

swan lake

Loose Powder: bareMinerals | Vintage Peach

vintage peach


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