Good morning from the Carolinas! We are coming off of a warm and beautiful weekend in Wilmington-reminding me how thankful I am for air conditioning. Meanwhile, my sister and brother-in-law are cooling off at a conference in New England. While I do not have firsthand experience of the summer weather patterns in that area, I am keenly aware (thanks to her photos),  that not everyone is experiencing a summer heat wave like we are on the southern coast.

The geographic footprint of our customer base is as varied as our product offering. Whether you are enjoying an outdoor fire table in July, with views of Lake Champlain or keeping it lightweight in the 100% humidity of the Carolina Coast, we keep an array of fabrications to accommodate your needs.

Below, are three options suitable for varied climates. If you want a layered option, go for the Cuddle Me Cardigan (you know I prefer that Carolina Baby Blue). For something more “in the middle,” (think lightweight but full coverage), you may enjoy the Versailles Pajama Set. And if you’re like me, relegated to 90+ degrees with a side of sweat, look no further than our Button Detail Knit Pajamas.

Which bright and cheerful pajama set will you throw on this weekend? Share your pick in the comment section below.

Cuddle Me Cardigan
Softwear by Swann®

Versailles Pajama Set

Button Detail Knit Pajamas

Happy lounging,


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