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My favorite Sunday afternoon includes the following key elements: sunshine, our front porch, my favorite wooden rocking chair, and a great read. Known for moving at 150 MPH most every other day, Sunday is my source of simplicity. That whole “day of rest” deal – I take it quite literally!

I’m already clamoring for my front porch time. In preparation for thew weekend, I’m sharing a book favorite that will keep you on the edge of that front porch swing and warm your heart by the end. Where the Heart Is shares the story of a sweet country gal left to fend for both herself and her brand new baby girl. A tale of unexpected friendship and raw vulnerability, this book will take you back in time.

And…if you’re more of a movie watcher (and less of a reader), fear not. The film version of Where the Heart Is, starring Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman, is a beautiful rendition and true to the written storyline

What are some of your favorite reads for the upcoming weekend? Share them with me in the comment section below! (And click on the image to purchase the book in time for your weekend read!)

With hopes for a sunny Sunday,


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