One of my dearest friends is moving into a beautiful home this month and has started the (daunting) task of identifying paint colors for each room. We share a similar taste in style, and we love changing it up every now and then!

Since they purchased their home, my friend and I have spent many a night scanning inspiration photos, chatting over FaceTime, and dreaming up ideas for each space. I love seeing what my dear friend has chosen for her home and am inspired to consider refreshing touches to ours, too! Today, I’m sharing a few tips I’ve learned in redecorating – the simple way.

To make room for color and pattern, consider a muted palette of paint. Keeping it simple allows you to change up a pillow here and there, add in a patterned blanket, recover a sofa in something bold, or a multitude of alternatives for when that room gets a tad boring.

Personally, I gravitate towards ice blues, cool mint greens, and a calming grey. However, when trying to match tones, look for the “undertone.” Many colors have a yellow or blue undertone. Try and find complementary color ways to create a consistent and clean look in your home.

Add accents true to you. Bringing sentimentality into your design will create warmth and a true sense of “home.” In our home, we have pieces of driftwood we found by a river on a cross country road trip out west. We scattered family photos among books with special meaning and even included some (very brightly) colored artwork by our talented toddler!

How do you enjoy sprucing up your home? Share your tips in the comment section below.

Cheers to home,


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