As we reflect on the spirit of giving, what we know for sure is this-there is always more room to give. At National, we remember some principle standards for which our company was built on; the power of hand-ups, not just handouts.

When is a person apt to perform their very best? Why, it’s when their basic needs can be met. Then, and only then, can that individual focus on excelling to their full potential.

Here in our town of Lexington, we love to support our local food pantry. It is a community resource, well relied upon. We all receive so much joy and encouragement by contributing to this vital service.

Each one teach one, because happy bellies produce happy faces, going to happy places. 🙂

In just a few days, we will ease into a new decade. May we all continue to ponder the ways in which we can provide assistance to those we care about; addressing the basics: proper shelter, comfy clothing, and healthy food! We hope you enjoy some of the pictures below:



Let’s take care of each other in love and laughter, by feeding the soul!


Keep giving,

The National Family



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