Since moving to the marshy landscape of Mount Pleasant, SC, I’ve developed a new Saturday morning pastime: bird watching. I suppose it was only a matter of time, as I’ve grown up with a father who relishes a back porch with a great book…and plenty of bird feeders. Now, he enjoys this pastime from atop the mountains of North Carolina. Fortunately, we share many of the same colorful sightings!

The Carolinas boast an incredibly diverse array of wildlife. From Barred Owls to Herons, Pelicans to Eagles – bird watching will keep your eyes in the sky and one hand on a reference book! Below are several of my favorite frequent visitors to the lowcountry bird haven we’ve created in our back yard. And yes, all the way in South Carolina, we get visits from the North Carolina state bird – the Cardinal!

Do you have a favorite bird sighting where you live? Share photos with me by posting to Facebook or leave information in the comment section below! I can’t wait to learn what flies by your neck of the woods.

Happy bird watching season!



Carolina Chickadeecarolina_chickadee_4

Carolina WrenCarolina-Wren-Photos

Blue Birdimages-2

Painted BuntingUnknown


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