In early October, Thomas and I hopped on a surprisingly short flight to cross off our number one bucket list destination: Iceland. Since our first month of marriage, we’ve discussed celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Iceland. We’ve dreamed, schemed, saved and planned. And after years of wondering and hoping – we did it. Friends, it was without question the best adventure I’ve taken (and my favorite with my best friend).

Some of our favorite sites included….

a stroll down the Black Sand Beach outside of Vik,

a tour of one of many waterfalls in Iceland,

a walk to the top of Godafoss Falls,

and a hike to the top of a crater!

Friends have asked what I loved most about our time abroad. Of course, it was incredibly special to share one on one time with Thomas without our little on racing around us. We missed her during our time away, tremendously, but we also realized the importance or time together – how it used to be before her beloved arrival!

In addition to the exciting exploration of a new place with my husband, I loved the simplicity, ruggedness, and isolation of Iceland. During our last two days in the country, we found an Airbnb in a remote town 30 minutes from the nearest gas station (and that gas station was located in a town of 25 people). Soaking in the vast creation – without the distractions of city lights, billboards or bustling streets – afforded an appreciation and connection to the surrounding area.

Are you considering an international adventure? Here are a few packing and traveling tips I learned from our time abroad.

  1. Dress – and pack – in layers. Specifically in Iceland, this tip is incredibly helpful. We experienced sun, snow and rain during our 9 days abroad. I packed tank tops, long sleeve shirts, mid layers and large winter coats.
  2. Check accepted credit cards. We’ve used American Express for nearly 15 years. I have traveled with it consistently, but upon arriving in Iceland, we found it challenging to use our card. We leaned on our Visa debit for most purchases…and we never used cash (to our surprise!)
  3. Choose an airline that operates all legs of your flight. We booked the cheapest flight we could find and, if I’m honest, got what we paid for. Our experience with Icelandair was less than ideal and has resulted in continuing customer service issues we’re trying to resolve now that we’re back in the states. Icelandair partners with other airlines to service U.S. flights and ultimately departs from large airports (Newark, JFK, Boston) with its flight to Iceland. Our travel woes began the minute we got to Raleigh Durham and continued on our return journey. We recommend flying United (normally not my favorite, but we booked a United flight last minute when things went haywire with Icelandair and it was incredible), American Airlines, or Delta for all international trips.


I’ll be sharing more tips from our travels in future blogs. What questions do you have for me about our trip? Let me know what I can share by sending a message through the comment section below.

Happy adventuring,



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