Christina was born with a certain and undeniable creative genius. When her mother took ill, she clung to one final request from the woman who raised her: turn that skill into a career. As a cancer survivor, Christina is no stranger to hard work and persistence. (Get to know her more by clicking here). She used her intrinsic drive and love of the outdoors to develop her dream: Aluminum With a Twist.

Aluminum With a Twist features handcrafted jewelry formed from a unique design – meaning no two pieces are the same! Each accessory is made of lightweight aluminum, beautiful flowers, and natural elements from the earth (think sand from your favorite beach!) With the option to customize, personalize, and suggest specific designs to Christina, Aluminum With a Twist becomes a one-stop-shop for birthday presents, mother’s day gifts, or a “just because.”  What makes these items even more spectacular? The aluminum used for each piece comes from recycled race cars – a true Carolina tradition!

Happy Spring,


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