In case ya missed it – I HAVE SOME KIDS. Three. Three kids three and under…two of which are the same age. Bless the chaos in this house, and thank the providing Lord above for the gift of coffee.


I look forward to my morning sip, and I’m known to be slow in enjoying my warm cup of coffee. However, with all these littles needing breakfast asap, that coffee cools more quickly than I’d like.


Recently, my husband snagged some delicious cold brew coffee from a local shop. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I’ve been trying my hand at a few variations. Here are a few of my favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy a twist on a morning classic!

Iced Coffee by Recipe Girl®

Iced Vanilla Latté by Snacks and Sips

Iced Caramel Vanilla Latté by Simply Scratch

Stay caffeinated,


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