Meet Phyllis!

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Phyllis Lerner, founder and author of Follow Phyllis. I had the chance to catch up with Phyllis and ask her a few questions. Read up on our time below!

  • What catapulted your courage to share fitness and encouragement with women worldwide?

I’ve always been a girl’s girl. Long before my career in fitness, I was a woman that supported other women. My commitment to fitness was born out of tragedy. When I was just about 23, I lost my 53 year-old-mother to a massive heart attack, which was primarily a result of her obesity and Diabetes. As you can imagine, this loss rocked my world. I was determined to lead a healthy life – for myself and for my future family. It wasn’t until I picked up a book by ArnoldSchwarzenegger that I fell in love with bodybuilding and physical fitness. Shortly after reading this book, I joined the first all-women’s bodybuilding gym in New York City. 

I saw my body transform. I uncovered a newfound sense of happiness, pride and accomplishment. I established healthy habits. I met wonderful people. I became the best version of myself when I embarked on my wellness journey. After realizing the benefits that living a healthy life bestowed upon me, I combined my love for exercise and my love and support for women to create followPhyllis – a safe place for ladies to gather, inspire and be inspired. 

  • What first inpsired your love of fashion? How do you incorporate that love into your blog and overall “best life” routine?

Since I was a young girl, I’ve had a passion for beautiful clothing, just like my mom. There’s nothing quite like getting all dolled up. As a woman, my love for fashion exploded as I worked hard on maintaining a fit and healthy body.

When women work towards being healthy and fit, many develop a newfound appreciation for fashion. When I feel strong and empowered, I feel inspired to dress up. To indulge in fashion – hair, makeup, nails, clothes and self-care – is a celebration of you and your successes and thatis why it’s a big part of followPhyllis. As women join me on a journey to wellness, I want them to also join me in celebration. That is what fashion means to the followPhyllis community. 

  • For those of us a little intimidated by fitness, where do you normally encourage someone to begin?

While it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious when starting something new, I would tell any fitness beginner to keep one thing in mind – we all need to start somewhere. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a beginning. Jillian Michaels had a beginning. I certainly had a beginning. If you believe in yourself and invest in your personal growth, you’ve already won. Take the first step – that’s the hardest part. 

If you don’t have much fitness experience, I recommend starting small. Two or three times a week, go for a walk. Do some floor exercises in between commercial breaks. Maybe experiment with 2-pound weights. Be consistent and over time, you will be able to up the ante. 

Another great way to stay accountable is to grab a workout buddy and set goals together. The reward here is twofold: 1) You’ll help a friend become the best version of themselves and 2) You’re less likely to skip a workout or slack off when you have a partner in tow. 

  • What are a few of your favorite trends/styles for Spring?

Oh, this is fun! The one thing I love more than springtime itself isdressingfor springtime! I love color and fun prints for this time of year. I always like to challenge myself (and encourage my readers) to be bold with fashion choices. 

The gorgeous Pintucked Print tunic and silky leggings I recently received from National Wholesale are right up my alley! With florals so popular this spring, this tunic gives you the trend without being overwhelming. This season, I encourage my followers to purchase a few staple pieces such as these two items that can very easily be dressed up or down for any occasion with the addition of fun shoes, purses and jewelry.

Another spring trend I love is the color lilac. It has always been of my favorite colors because I think it casts a beautiful soft glow on skin. The other current trend I’m in love with is ruffles, but I haven’t figured out how to wear them in a flattering way. Maybe a lilac, ruffled, floral scarf will be the answer!

Read more about Phyllis’ fitness, nutrition and style tips on her website, Follow Phyllis.

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