Mother’s Day. On many occasions, this day is a rushed moment of “buy flowers and drop them off.” For others, it is a day of grieving loss and unexpected heartache. For many of my dear friends, this year is the first to be celebrated as a brand new mom.

And for all of us, this day is about celebrating the women that have shaped our lives. The nurturing often associated with motherhood is a role each of us takes on – with or without children.

Today, I am writing to all the amazing women that have touched my life. You have left a mark on my heart and a lasting influence on the steps I’ll take all the days of my life. To me, you are a leader and supporter – and you bring all the qualities of motherhood into my life.

I want to tell you what inspires me most about you:

You understand that balance is a falsehood and engage fully in what is of highest priority now.

You care for the needs around you without question or hesitation.

You teach from your heart and your experience – only to edify others and strengthen your community.

You own your strengths and ask for help in your weakness, and to me – that is courage in its most stunning form.

You share truth in love – always.

You love those who have loved you with tremendous commitment and gratitude.

You celebrate life – in all of its hardships and joys.

You can rock a dance floor until midnight or hold a heartwarming conversation until midnight. In both, you’re fully engaged.

You live a life of constant learning.

You stand in the gap for others when they cannot do so alone.

To you – the powerful and unwavering examples of strength and love – thank you for the role you’ve played in my life. Thank you for giving of your time, energy, and love with such generosity and selflessness. And thank you for loving me, just as I am.

Happy Mother’s Day,

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