I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions for 2019, knowing that I would probably break any resolution I made before the month was over. Instead I decided to focus on something tangible that I could actually accomplish in a relatively short span of time—cleaning out my closet. With its promise of a fresh start, January seemed like the ideal time to get my closet in order.

If you are anything like me, you have clothes in a multitude of different sizes that no longer fit, along with items that you simply never wear anymore or pieces that are stained, damaged, or need alterations. Since I have downsized to a one-bedroom apartment with limited closet space, I need to keep my wardrobe edited so that my closet only has the clothes that I love and regularly wear—and to make room for new stuff, of course!

After I decided to clean out my closet, I started researching the best way to go about it and found this article, 22 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet After 60 – Downsizing The Tried And True Way by Dawn Lucy on one of my favorite websites, Sixty & Me. I recommend reading the entire article, but if you don’t have the time, here are a few of my favorite tips from Dawn for cleaning out your closet:

  1. Make a list of must-have basics that you need
  2. Start with a basic color scheme, including your favorite neutrals along with pops of color
  3. Think about your lifestyle and what you’ll be doing in the next year and the types of clothes you will need
  4. Try on all your basic and must-have pieces and if they fit and are in good condition, hold onto them
  5. Get rid of the following:
    • Anything unflattering, uncomfortable or itchy
    • Items that don’t match anything else in your closet
    • Anything you’re simply sick of wearing or projects that have never happened (like those pants you have never gotten tailored)
    • Costume jewelry that has lost its luster and earrings that are too heavy to wear
    • Sentimental items or gifts that you don’t actually wear
  1. Give the rejects to a charity like Goodwill or The Salvation Army, or try selling them on eBay, Poshmark, or at a local consignment store

Photo Courtesy of Sixty & Me

I hope this has inspired you to go through your own wardrobe. I find that cleaning out your closet can actually make it easier to get dressed in the morning, so let me know how it goes, ladies!

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