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Turkey time is around the corner, my friends. To save you some time and make certain your taste buds will approve, I’ve scoured my favorite resources to land on the top five tips for an ideal Thanksgiving meal.

Find the right bird. Believe it or not, the freshest turkeys are frozen immediately after preparation by the butcher. Search your local grocer or butcher shop for organic, cage free turkey options to ensure great taste and quality. If you choose a frozen bird, give yourself plenty of time to thaw it out safely. If you choose to thaw it in the refrigerator (recommended!) plan ahead. (A 20-pound turkey requires close to 5 days of thawing time).

Choose the fine brine. You can purchase brine seasonings at various specialty shops and grocers. Alternatively, you can make your own! (Click here for a favorite brining recipe and method!)

Don’t skimp out on gravy. Gravy. It. Is. EVERYTHING. Everyone has a method and every family has a favorite. My husband’s family uses old coffee grinds and my family uses leftover chicken bits. Personally, I rely on the expert advice of Ina Garten (because it takes only 5 minutes to make!) Click here for the details.

Focus some love on the stuffing. Stuffing is important. In the Smith family, we cook it separately so as to make certain the turkey cooks evenly (over stuffing is a real thing, my friends). Nothing says holidays to me like cranberries, so I opt for this unique take on Thanksgiving stuffing to please the masses

Give yourself some time. Especially if you brine the turkey, leave a couple of days to really prepare and schedule your turkey cooking. Even consider preparing it a day ahead. Everyone knows turkey is better on day two anyway! (And, bonus tip – once the turkey is in the oven, no peeking! In a 350 degree oven, allow 20 minutes per pound in a for a defrosted turkey and 10 to 15 minutes per pound for a fresh turkey).

What are some of your turkey preparation tips? Share them in the comment section below, and we just might add your tips to our list!

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