As a young child, I recall standing in my mother’s closet – somewhat in awe. I would slip my tiny feet into her black high heels and drape a long strand of faux pearls around my neck. I can remember clacking into the kitchen thinking I’d never looked better. From a very early age, I admired my mother’s elegant and bold sense of style.

Now, as a new mom to a baby girl, I am trying to redefine my style choices to include simple and easy-to-wear looks. I find myself relying on some principles I gleaned early on in life. Today, I am sharing my top five fashion tips – all taken from growing up with one chic Mama!

1. When in doubt, start with neutrals.

Maintaining a simple look often requires me to fall back on neutrals. No fuss selections include solid black shirts paired with denim jeans or khaki slacks, and a neutral scarf to add some flair.

UltraSofts Side Pocket Tunic

2. Accessories can make (or break) a look.

With a long necklace, choose simple stud earrings. With a scoop or v-neck shirt, opt for a statement necklace or long drop earrings. And of course – a scarf ( my mother’s staple accessory) is seasonally appropriate anytime of year!

Infinity Scarf

3. Never fear color.

My mother weaves color seamlessly into her wardrobe. If new to the color game, consider bringing it into your look through shoes or accessories against a neutral base. Alternatively, pair simple pants with a patterned or solid color shirt. Not sure if a color suits your skin tone? Start simple – shades of blue, green and purple often cool colors that work well with all complexions!

Mad for Plaid Flannel Tunic

4. Layers flatter every figure.

A long tank top, fitted leggings and a flared tunic – feels like my mother’s staple look and one I absolutely adore. Consider layering your look, both for comfort and for style points! Remember, you can layer a longer shirt, such as our lace trimmed tank, beneath a blouse or sweater for added style without the hassle.

Stylish Fringe Wrap

5. Confidence is your best fashion staple.

Fashion is fun! Never let yourself become confined by rules. Instead choose items that make you feel like your best self, because you are your greatest look!

What are some of your “fashion best practices,” and who most inspires your sense of style? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!


Happy styling,


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