Sun-Safety Picks

Summer is all about fun. Fun at the beach. Fun strolling the boardwalk. Fun having an outdoor afternoon with friends. In essence, it is about fun in the sun! With all of that extra time spent outside, you need to be aware of the extra sun exposure you are getting and take steps to protect your skin during this season.

Why Simply Noelle is the New Black (A story in versatility)

Back in the fall, we announced a new brand partnership with Simply Noelle. This collection was brought online in part because Lynda wanted to celebrate and support a fellow woman-led, North Carolina company and also because their designs are some of her favorites. Simply Noelle’s designs appeal to women of all age ranges because of their ability to bridge together comfort and style, two things every woman appreciates in their wardrobe.

Easy Dressing with Simply Noelle®

When the weather gets warmer, there is nothing better (or easier) than throwing on a breezy shirt and a cool pair of shades. With its relaxed, flowy silhouettes, the brand Simply Noelle® is the perfect example of comfortable dressing and easy, laidback style. Crafted...

Vegetable Recipes for the Season

Summer is (almost) here! It’s time to harvest yummy vegetables and serve up delicious food all season long. From tomatoes and squash to beets and greens, I’m sharing a few fun uses for those veggies in your back yard. Simply click on the image for the...