As you may have read last week, I shared a few reflections on my one word for 2015. Simplicity became my intention at the start of last year, but, as time passed, the idea felt elusive at best. For me, that’s the true beauty in resting all of my resolutions/goals/new pursuits on one word. It’s grounding, humbling, and inspiring…all at once.

Instead of a laundry list of resolutions and goals, one word allows me to look at a challenging situation that could feel like a failed resolution or missed goal and remember the intention that launched that process to begin with. So, as events, personal trials, and various unexpected parts of 2015 unfolded, I remembered that one word…simplicityand what once felt overwhelming shifted into manageable.

Looking back, the words that have become the banner over my year have unbelievable power and relevance. 2013, surrender. 2014, believe. 2015, simplicity.

This year, however, feels bigger…not in a “will have more, will do more” kind of way. Instead, it feels jam packed with hope and an eager willingness to await – with excitement – what’s to come. This year…this is the year to be brave.


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